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xf86-video-intel crashes at SNA, works at UXA





I have a Sandybridge, with that Intel integrated driver, and I ever had the xf86-video-intel with sna enabled and uxa disabled. It ever worked. However, yesterday, came out a new fix, the version 2.99.917-r1, and it broke everything. I tried downgrading to the previous version, and the same happens. I also have KMS enabled.


So the only workaround, by the moment, is disabling SNA and enabling UXA. It works, although I know SNA is better than UXA, but at least, it works.


Does it happen the same to someone else since then?

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I'll check my work PC tomorrow.


I have a different problem that I haven't filed a bug for yet - I cannot use X (also xf86-video-intel) with any kernel >=4.x.x.  I get a segfault everytime.  Works fine with 3.x.x.  Started having the problem around the same time as the tool chain update, which included linux-headers-4.0 & the 4 series kernel.


Looks like you already complained at bugs.gentoo.org.  Did you file a new bug there?  Did you file one at bugs.funtoo.org?

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I found the problem: Kernel 4.0.


I applied the patch found there: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=931917. It did the trick.


The patch: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/attachment.cgi?id=635268


EDIT: I also reported the problem in the Gentoo bugtracker, so if approved, it'll be in some next tree sync.



BREAKING NEWS: The patch is tested and accepted in Gentoo, so yes, it WILL be in a next sync here.

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