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Ugly Fonts Firefox

Xerxes Lins


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Right click on the ugly fonts and Inspect Element>Computed (on the right hand side). There should be an entry for 'font-family', I think the one in quotes " " should be the one used. Then if you click on Fonts you can see the font you are using, so for example Computed might tell you Arial (which is what the website wants to use) and Fonts will tell you Liberation Sans (which is the font your computer has set as a replacement/alias for Arial) and this is the one it is using to display the page.


You can use 'eselect fontconfig list' to see which rule you have enabled, perhaps you can just enable a few more fonts there. I personally don't really bother with that though and just enable the user.conf in eselect and set up rules for fonts in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf. The simplest solution for fonts.conf I've found is using the croscorefonts and the config on the arch wiki here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Croscore_Fonts, you could change this for your own choice of fonts, Arimo is very similar to liberation sans.


Alternatively, there is now an ebuild for infinality-fontconfig-ultimate in the gentoo/funtoo tree (media-fonts/infinality-ultimate-meta) so that would be the quickest and easiest way to get decent fonts, although perhaps not the lightest way.


One other thing to mention is that if you emerge media-fonts/liberation-fonts make sure you don't get the 2.* version, it is has bugs with bold fonts (terrible kerning and uneven spacing), I read somewhere, the red hat bug tracker I think, that the 2.* series was abandoned and the fixes were put in to 1.*. Interestingly enough 2.* is marked as stable in funtoo's tree and 1.* as current but my system installed 2.* automatically probably because the version number was higher.

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Also the site is setting the font sizes in "pixels" rather than points.  A point (pt) is 1/72 of an inch.  It is a old printer sizing.  While a pixel (px) is depend on the density of the pixies.  In the really old days pixels were 70/inch on the CRT type displays.  Today they range from 70/inch to 144/inch (like my 1080p 15 inch screen) to even more per inch for 2K or 4k device.  My cell phone for example is 1080p display but it is only about 0.4 the physical high and physical width of my laptop putting the pixels/per inch in the 400 to 500 per inch range. 

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