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Funtoo ranking on DistroWatch

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Not that if really matters or is a proper way of gauging a distro's popularity, because it really really isn't.


Just wanted to share with anyone who cares or never took notice that Funtoo has moved up quite a few positions lately.


As of today it has the following listed:


Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 163 (68), 6 months: 157 (72), 3 months: 154 (72), 4 weeks: 139 (72), 1 week: 118 (75)




The Funtoo DistroWatch page does not list any reviews, which is a shame.  I highly doubt Jesse Smith from DistroWatch would go through the trouble of installing Funtoo and doing a review, I can't recall the last time he did a review of a distro that didn't have a "one click" installer.   :P But it would be awesome if he did and would give Funtoo some well deserved time in the spotlight because disto's which don't have actual releases never get on the front page really.


I wonder if Funtoo can break the top 100 before the end of the year either way?  Because that would be awesome!

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gentoo's taking a hit from our presence also.


Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 39 (330), 6 months: 40 (313), 3 months: 44 (310), 4 weeks: 46 (304), 1 week: 44 (301)


the moral of the story is post to the wiki accurate eclectic information, and high quality content...  not a bunch of stub articles.  


arch is a roller with no installer...  it's top 10


Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 8 (997), 6 months: 9 (914), 3 months: 10 (897), 4 weeks: 9 (842), 1 week: 13 (824)


again they have tons of presence, tons of high quality articles...  were aiming for top 10, but this takes massive amounts of effort...  i try to post articles that will answer recurring questions from google searches, or if they're too lazy, and ask anyways i can quickly end the conversation with a link.  if a wiki page is missing the content people want to know, ill add it once i've tested it.  if i haven't tested, ill usually note that or word it less than secure & firm.


the website has approximately 1,500 hits a day.  i've been working a bit on linuxforums.com helping people and letting them know im from the funtoo community.  i keep getting locked out of https://www.linux.com/communityso if you want to start talking to people about issues that would be great.

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I agree with you.  I want to do more on the wiki with what time I can give right now.  I added the Kodi package because I use it and someone has a question about trying to install XBMC because they didn't know about the name change.  I was looking at working the one Samba one, but I am not a full expert on Samba an all its internals.


I noticed the Chuse package has a ebuild page, but doesn't show up here http://www.funtoo.org/Ebuilds


Neither does Xfce, I'd like to document some things I found out need to really be done after installing xfce-meta if you want a fully usable desktop from DM to DE.


I am going to document my Yoga 2 11 install and post it on a free Wordpress blog I started to talk about Funtoo.

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Fixed. Thanks.


Thanks, I plan on messing with Chuse later this week.  :)


As of today here is the info from DistroWatch


Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 161 (69), 6 months: 158 (72), 3 months: 151 (73), 4 weeks: 133 (73), 1 week: 111 (82)


I also posted a comment on DistroWatch Weekly about getting some attention and reviews of distros that have not been reviewed (i.e. Funtoo).  ;)

Made mention of drobbins work on Ego and Epro as noteworthy news announcment.


Its comment #9

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