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  1. Just a quick update, I have been overly busy with work that I haven't gotten far with this install. But since my last post, I put in a improvement bug report for a subarch for Silvermont CPUs, and drobbins has been great enough to create a subarch for the CPU used in the Yoga 2 11S! Which means now when I get back to it in the next week or so, it will be an optimized build for the Yoga 2 11S now!
  2. I agree, a general security page is definitely the way to start. To take what you proposed already I think narrowing it down with sub-categories help keeps in organized and modular. By sub-categories, I mean start with basic domains of security, then have individual methodologies and applications under each. For example selinux and apparmor are both forms of Access Controls, technical ones, not to be confused with Physical Access Controls. There are a lot of websites and books to look at for a reference of how this can be organized.
  3. Hello san2ban, welcome back. Are you looking for more than what is under this? http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Installation#Prepare_Hard_Disk It seems to all still be there, but looks like the layout was adjusted a bit. There is also this, looks like it was done in January this year. http://www.funtoo.org/UEFI_Install_Guide
  4. I can offer a few beginner suggestions. You can reduce compiling time by not compiling larger packages and use the pre-compiled binaries for the web browser and LibreOffice. This link should help with the web browser offerings. http://www.funtoo.org/Web_Browsers USE flags really depends on a lot of things, but since you want to use LXDE, you can "opt out" from the other major ones that bring in a lot of fluff. /etc/portage/make.conf USE="-gnome -kde" VIDEO_CARDS="specific for your system (i.e. radeon)" http://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf That was where I started, later I le
  5. @drobbins Thank you and the team for working on all these exciting changes, I think it is great! I do have questions about at which step of the install process a user should "unmerge, remove kernel and initramfs" if they want to build their own kernel? I assume a user should do this right after chrooting into new system for the first time because the kernel included in the stage3 is part of the world set correct? I am asking because of the advice given in this thread http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/477-prevent-debian-sources-from-merged/?do=findComment&comment=2632 I use e
  6. pantau, Thanks ! Your enthusiasm is motivational, I will start it this evening, and hopefully be at a decent point to share something over the weekend.
  7. Thank you for sharing that! I have been holding off on the install, I am not overly rushed at the moment. I having been planning the install, will do it soon, and will document it and share it. I was acutally reading the the deadline scheduler can actually be better in some situations than noop.
  8. Thanks, I plan on messing with Chuse later this week. :) As of today here is the info from DistroWatch Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 161 (69), 6 months: 158 (72), 3 months: 151 (73), 4 weeks: 133 (73), 1 week: 111 (82) I also posted a comment on DistroWatch Weekly about getting some attention and reviews of distros that have not been reviewed (i.e. Funtoo). ;) Made mention of drobbins work on Ego and Epro as noteworthy news announcment. http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20150511&mode=67 Its comment #9
  9. I agree with you. I want to do more on the wiki with what time I can give right now. I added the Kodi package because I use it and someone has a question about trying to install XBMC because they didn't know about the name change. I was looking at working the one Samba one, but I am not a full expert on Samba an all its internals. I noticed the Chuse package has a ebuild page, but doesn't show up here http://www.funtoo.org/Ebuilds Neither does Xfce, I'd like to document some things I found out need to really be done after installing xfce-meta if you want a fully usable desktop from
  10. Not that if really matters or is a proper way of gauging a distro's popularity, because it really really isn't. Just wanted to share with anyone who cares or never took notice that Funtoo has moved up quite a few positions lately. As of today it has the following listed: Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 163 (68), 6 months: 157 (72), 3 months: 154 (72), 4 weeks: 139 (72), 1 week: 118 (75) http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=funtoo The Funtoo DistroWatch page does not list any reviews, which is a shame. I highly doubt Jesse Smith from DistroWatch would go thro
  11. This also interests me, but only if some of the money goes back to Funtoo
  12. sitquietly, thank you for sharing all of that. I know what you mean about Arch/Manjaro though, the Manjaro OpenRC interests me because sometimes a simple binary based install is good in certain situations. I usually did my Debian installs from the net install and yes as soon as you get far enough, it gets pretty bloated and cumbersome in the end sometimes. I did look at Calculate Linux prior to deciding Funtoo offered me everything I really want for the most part. My problem with Calculate was probably because I installed using the desktop option, rather than start with the core ins
  13. nrc, thanks. I don't need the whole Libreoffice package, so I'll probably install each part separately. I'm going to start an install with a spinning rust drive this weekend to test it all out, mostly because the touch screen, and rotation seems to cause problems on other distros.
  14. Thanks! I have also read that SSD lifespan is far better than what it was when they first came out. I had issues with a first gen OCZ on a FreeBSD box a long time ago, I think it died from logging too much, which also was probably my own fault. Just sorta been cautious ever since. :P I would probably update it every other week, maybe once a month, and try and update/upgrade in stages. I like to keep my systems very usage specific and have noticed that my updates/upgrades have been fairly minimal since using Funtoo to begin with. Its mostly just been because I am getting the hang fully
  15. Thank you for a personal example. That is exactly what I will be using it for, so yes I wouldn't be updating it that often either. I bought an 250GB Samsung 840 evo for it, which I know I won't fill up, so I will be able to keep spare sectors to reduce write amplification. I assume you do not use any of the 2GB of RAM for /tmp /var/tmp and you have a swap partition on your SSD? I guess adjusting the swapiness, using noatime, using binary packages for things like Firefox, and other minor things to reduce random writes would be a good start and see how it performs.
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