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No more updates Õ.o



Hello everybody,

forgive me for my doubt, which I think is foolish.

I've been using Funtoo every day for over a year (I used Gentoo before), and I really like this distribution, and I use it in the desktop version using Gnome.

For almost two months I have noticed that there are no more updates on my system.

I run the "ego sync" command and right aftere "emerge -avuDN "@world". All branches appear to be updated, but I find it strange that in almost two months no package needs updating.

Sorry for the doubt, but I don't know if everything is actually ok, or I need to change something in my desktop configuration.



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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

I bet you are using 1.4-release, which has not been receiving updates recently and will no longer be maintained after the end of the year.

If you install next-release, you will getting (almost) daily updates.

Relevant links:


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