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Funtoo from Scratch Integrated into (new) Metro

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Everyone -- some major news today.

Metro, our official stage3 build tool, now has a brand-new setup tool which should make initial setup of Metro quite easy. Please check out our high-quality initial setup docs, written by @adbosco.

That's not all.

You may have heard of our Evolved Bootstrap project, which is also called Funtoo from Scratch. The goal of this project has been to build Funtoo completely from scratch, in a fully automated way. In other words, it's possible to build Funtoo without starting from a Funtoo or Gentoo system, just from a base gcc compiler.

We have been building a stage1 using Funtoo from Scratch for several months in beta form, but today we have successfully had this stage1 be accepted by Metro, and used to build a stage2 and stage3. This opens a new world of possibilities for bootstrapping Funtoo, and also opens up new possibilities for development. Just as for Metro, we have full documentation on how to tie FFS and Metro together, on our wiki.



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