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SOLVED - Compiling Rosegarden Fails



I installed Funtoo_Gnome in my Fujitsu Esprimo, but I could not get used to Gnome's functionality - I have been using XFCE for most of my Linux live.  So I installed the Xfce desktop and proceeded to install  the programs I needed. It went perfectly with almost all programs: LibreOffice, Audacity, Firefox, Musescore, Gimp, VLC  and a few minor others, with the exception of Rosegarden.

I then tried to install Rosegarden on my Lifebook's Funtoo, originally installed with XFCE and got the same error with minor differences in the output.

I am enclosing the files mentioned in the emerge message for both instances.

Although I am just as depending on Rosegarden as I am on XFCE,  this is no urgent matter. I still have alternative options to run Rosegarden whenever I need.   But I will love to run Rosegarden on my Funtoos sometime.


build.log.rosegarden.esprimo emerge_info_rosegarden.esprimo emerge_pqv_rosegarden.esprimo rosegarde_esprimo_build.log rosegarden_esprimo_owners rosegarden_info_esprimo

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@fredmyra this is a quick method to get it built and installed without configuring and using a local overlay.

Using 'ego query v rosegarden'  finds the kit-release, category/package

j@funtoo ~ $ ego query v rosegarden
 media-sound/rosegarden| slot|                  repo
                17.12.1|    0| media-kit/1.4-release

Path to packages is /var/git/meta-repo/kits/<name-kit>/<category-name>/<package-name>

cd /var/git/meta-repo/kits/media-kit/media-sound/rosegarden

Renaming the ebuild with the 21.12 version is all that is required in this case.

mv rosegarden-17.12.1.ebuild rosegarden-21.12.ebuild

Rebuild the Manifest while connected to the internet.

ebuild rosegarden-21.12.ebuild manifest


emerge -av =media-sound/rosegarden-21.12

 The next time 'ego sync' is run these edits will revert but you'll have it installed so it shouldn't matter.

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