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Gnome 4 ???




I have been using Funtoo in the past.  But I recently retired, bought a new laptop and just giving back a try at Funtoo, I'm kind of new here and would like to know if gnome 41 is going to hit portage soon ?

Since it is said on Funtoo site that gnome is a Class A support and since Gnome 41 is available since end of september 2021, I was expecting to build a recent gnome for desktop (not 3.36).

It's not to blame anybody, but I would like to know the plans about gnome ?  Is it the best desktop to have with Funtoo  ? 

If one want to have a recent desktop, wich one would it be ?  Or is there a "funtoo" way to install a more recent gnome  ?



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Hi @perfmonk! Thank you for your questions.  Funtoo does work best out of the box with Gnome-3.36.  We know it's old 😞 and a lot of us want to see it in the desktop-kit.  You'll be happy to know that we do take PRs.  For Gnome40, we are rather hoping that the community might band together to create autogens for Gnome40.  Do you have any interest in something like that?


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Yep, I personally am happy with our very stable GNOME 36, and am willing to keep using it until we have a very stable GNOME 4+. 36 works very well for me and it doesn't feel old nor is it missing anything (in my opinion). I am not a huge fan of the new look for 4. I understand people may want the latest version and am happy to support work on having 4 in Funtoo. We do have up-to-date LXQT, Enlightenment and xfce I believe.

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