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We Are ALL Users

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Funtoo Community,

One important quality of the Funtoo community, which is somewhat unique, is that officially, there are no 'developers'. In Funtoo, we are all users. Even as BDFL, I consider myself to be a user of Funtoo, first and foremost, who sometimes puts on a developer hat (OK -- I do this quite often 🙂)

Why is this distinction important?

In Funtoo, I do not want to have two different classes of people, 'users' and 'developers', with different jobs. 

I have found that communities formed around this model can manifest some cultural problems, creating walls for users that denies them a voice, and also encourages a developer culture that is disconnected from the user community.

That is why it's so important.

I have updated the introductions on the following pages to explain this in more detail:

By having this in two key documents, I'm hoping this concept will become more and more familiar. Remember, when you talk about Funtoo to your friends, be sure to explain that this "user-centric" philosophy is a key part of our culture. We are all users.

Best Regards,

Daniel Robbins
also a user of Funtoo 🙂

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