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Gentoo kernel


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Yes, we don't support it officially so it's assumed that you know what you're doing -- which is a good assumption if you are compiling your own kernel. We don't support it just because it uses up a lot of my/our time to troubleshoot peoples' failed kernel configs, so we give you one that works by default, and if you deviate from there, that's on you.

That also means that if you have a weird bug we may ask you to switch back to debian-sources to see if it still occurs -- it gives us all a common baseline.

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For your info.

No success with gentoo-sources. I have manually installed linux-5.10.46 downloaded  from kernel.org using gentoo's .config. Expect of rebuilding pulseaudio with some more USE flags all services and installed apps were working without any troubles. There is significant difference in booting time.

linux-debian-sources-5.10.46_p4 - 25 seconds

linux-5.10.46 - 6 seconds



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