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Trouble getting a desktop installed



Some time ago I got new hardware  for my desktop, to replace what I currently run. Asus B450 Prime mainboard, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X!) and 2x 8GB RAM from Transend. For video I used an old nVidia GT710 card, as I won't be doing anything fancy like gaming on the machine anyway. I managed to get a base Funtoo system installed, eventually, using the first gen Zen stage3. But when expanding the install to a full desktop I got all kinds of issues. Following the install guides on the Funtoo Wiki I got Xorg and Mate to install. When I rebooted, I couldn't log in, despite setting Lightdm to auto-login of my user (I'm the only one using it) Eventually I booted into a sysrescuecd again as I couldn't get a single-user boot from the Grub menu (it's not provided OOTB and any editing of the Grub menu failed to get a root shell either) and purged everything Mate and Xorg. So, that's where I am now, although I did manage to install Devuan on the same machine (different SSD) successfully, including Mate, in the mean time.


One particular error I got today was a missing opencl-headers package. Syncing the tree didn't help, it's not there.


Goes w/o saying that this is very frustrating, having used Funtoo in the past I really want this to work and I'm still trying to get this done for 6+ weeks now.

Note, I really do appreciate all the work the dev's put in, free of charge, but (installing) Funtoo is more complicated then it should be. IMO.

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When you boot into lightdm-greeter gui, type in your password, click the login button does lightdm start the mate-session desktop?

Adding autologin-user=rj  to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf  under [Seat:*] auto-logins my regular user rj 

lightdm has good logs at /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log .


Single user mode with root partition mounted rw, no networking:

Genkernel initrd including debian-sources{-lts} add init_opts=1 to kernel command line.

Kernel with no initramfs add the number 1 to the kernel command line.



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That's how I got my user to auto-login, but it didn't work, it went back to the greeter. Filling in my user and password didn't do anything, I just returned (again) to the greeter. Trying root instead made no difference (as it should, no GUI login for root!) Currently I have no graphics related packages installed (no Xorg nor Mate) and I can login from the cli w/o any problems.


I wasn't aware of the init_opts option, thx for that ?

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