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Installing Funtoo bootloader problem




I' trying to install funtoo from arch linux. I downloaded amd-pildriver stage tar file, I followed the Install guide, which doesn't seems to be accurate. I started to have different results when tried to emerge ibus. This seems that updated a lot of packages(131), and also installed genkernel. So, afterwards I installed linux-firmware and grub. And here is my problem. Grub installed without problem, but now when I run "ego boot update", it doesn't do nothing and no /boot/grub/grub.cfg genereted.

I have an MBR system and I already have grub installed, so I don't want to install grub again, just to generate the grub.cfg file. I don't have a /boot partition and I have set / in fstab using the UUID of partition.

The boot.conf file has these:

boot {
	generate grub
	default "Funtoo Linux" 
	timeout 3 

"Funtoo Linux" {
	kernel bzImage[-v]

"Funtoo Linux genkernel" {
	kernel kernel[-v]
	initrd initramfs[-v]

	# IMPORTANT: Most users will want to remove "nomodeset", below!
	# It is included in the initial install to ensure that virtually all
	# systems boot up with a readable initial console.

	# But all graphics drivers (with the one exception of the proprietary
	# NVIDIA drivers) REQUIRE mode setting to be enabled, and thus the
	# nomodeset option must be REMOVED prior to setting up a graphical
	# environment or X will not start. Remember to run "ego boot update" after
	# removing the option, and then reboot prior to configuring X.

	# Also note that if you are using a 4K or higher resolution display, your
	# console text may become very small after enabling kernel mode setting
	# since it will display your console at the native resolution of your
	# display.

	params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto

When I run "ego boot update" I get this:

  * Generating config for grub...

  * No /etc/fstab entry for /boot; not mounting.

and no grub.conf is generated.

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You're multi-booting, booted into arch linux with grub2 already installed, installing funtoo on another partition or partition/drive on the same computer?

Boot update only works if you have funtoo installed as the first linux os on the drive and it was used to install grub2.


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