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  1. Hello, I' trying to install funtoo from arch linux. I downloaded amd-pildriver stage tar file, I followed the Install guide, which doesn't seems to be accurate. I started to have different results when tried to emerge ibus. This seems that updated a lot of packages(131), and also installed genkernel. So, afterwards I installed linux-firmware and grub. And here is my problem. Grub installed without problem, but now when I run "ego boot update", it doesn't do nothing and no /boot/grub/grub.cfg genereted. I have an MBR system and I already have grub installed, so I don't want to install
  2. Hello, I recently installed funtoo after a lot of installation problems. I forced to do about 10 reboots to actually install the core system and X because a lot of packages failed to build at first time and after the failure the disk locked and I couldn't give any command. I' ve managed to continue though and I now writing from xfce enviroment. It is the first time I installed funtoo, I've installed gentoo before about 10 years, but I used for a very short period and I'm new to the way funtoo/gentoo works. I mentioned that the boot time is very slow compared to arch linux which I'm using
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