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  1. Hello, I recently installed funtoo after a lot of installation problems. I forced to do about 10 reboots to actually install the core system and X because a lot of packages failed to build at first time and after the failure the disk locked and I couldn't give any command. I' ve managed to continue though and I now writing from xfce enviroment. It is the first time I installed funtoo, I've installed gentoo before about 10 years, but I used for a very short period and I'm new to the way funtoo/gentoo works. I mentioned that the boot time is very slow compared to arch linux which I'm using the last year. It takes about 22secs to go to login prompt in funtoo and about 6-7secs in Arch linux. I've searched a bit in google and I found that openrc is slower. Is this right? Is there any way to make it faster, and if not how can I use systemd instead?
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