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I'm not familiar with Saybayon but looking through their site it looks like they could bring some valuable contributions to the Funtoo ecosystem.   Simple installation and package management could open Funtoo up to a much broader audience.

However, it looks like Saybayon installs systemd by default in their current incarnation.  One of the key benefits of Funtoo for me has been that  it is not just systemd-free, but openrc exclusive.  That ensures that everything on Funtoo functions with openrc and it avoids the convoluted multi-init support documentation we see on Gentoo.

Can we expect to see Funtoo maintain that direction?

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

The short answer is that Funtoo is going to remain independent of systemd upstream.

I do believe that startup scripts and management of the system are part of what give a Linux distribution its personality. It is central to the experience.

Sabayon needs systemd. It will be added to Funtoo's tree for Sabayon, but not enabled in Funtoo. That way, everyone is happy.


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As long as I can file a bug report if systemd artifacts stink up my system, I'm fine with that.  :)

You and the community have done a remarkable job of making everything work seamlessly when many swore that it would be impossible to sustain distros without systemd.  Thank you for that.


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