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Can't compile grantlee to install kde plasma (C++11)




I'm new to Funtoo/Gentoo and i'm trying to install Funtoo, the install process was fine I can boot on my funtoo but now I can't install kde-plasma-5.

After the initial funtoo boot I've add the desktop flavor, add amdgpu mix-in, kde-plasma-5 mix-in done an

ego sync 
emerge -auvDN --with-bdeps=y @world

everything was OK. After that I try a

emerge xorg-x11 pulseaudio networkmanager sddm plasma-meta

and the emerge tell it can't compile

ERROR: dev-libs/grantlee-5.1.0::dev-kit failed (compile phase):
 [31;01m*[0m   emake failed

I've look into the build.log find that it need c++11 so I've add '-std=c++11 -std=gnu++11' in the /etc/make.com and try to emerge grantlee alone with no success.


thank you for your help





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Having cmake auto-update to the newest version is going to break building older packages. This is the case with cmake-3.18.4 failing to build grantlee-5.1.0.

If you add grantlee-5.2.0 in your local overlay it will build with cmake-3.18.4.


Bug report: Auto-updated cmake-3.18.4 breaks grantlee-5.1.0 build

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Add bug report link.
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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

i have kde plasma running fine under this configuration with lightdm instead of sddm.....  as i was building the stage3 desktop wiki page i had problems with grub and the kernel it was loading so i had added rc-update add elogind && rc-update add dbus...  but looking at my gnome rig neither of those are required for lightdm to load.  my gnome rig is also my cinnamon rig.  my kde rig is pure kde, and twm to ensure xorg was starting.


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