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Intel Iris Graphics Ready for Testing (core-gl-kit 2.0-release)

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hi All,

If you are interested in testing Intel Iris graphics (new accelerated graphics for newer Intel chipsets), here's how you do it:

First, make sure your system is up-to-date and you have the latest available version of ego installed (2.8.1)

Next, add the following to /etc/ego.conf:

core-gl-kit = 2.0-release
xorg-kit = skip

This will result in our 2.0-release core-gl-kit being activated, which completely replaces xorg-kit, as all of xorg has been integrated into core-gl-kit 2.0-release.

We do not have a mix-in yet for intel Iris graphics. For now, set the following in /etc/make.conf:

VIDEO_CARDS="$VIDEO_CARDS intel gallium-iris vulkan-intel xa xvmc vdpau"


# emerge -auDN @world

*Unmerge* xf86-video-intel:

# emerge -C xf86-video-intel

Now, restarting X should result in Intel Iris being active.

General feedback can be posted to this Funtoo issue: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7195

Specific failures can be reported in their own issues. Please be sure to report any problems including difficulty upgrading to core-gl-kit 2.0-release.

Please note that 2.0-release core-gl-kit is BETA and I am actively working on redoing the xorg-server stack, so active development is going on in this kit branch.


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