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sd cards



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Hello kxmx,


I may be able to help, or at least start to trouble shoot the problem.


Can you give us some more information about the problem you are having with getting your SD card reader to work?


- Is your system a laptop or desktop with an SD card reader?

- What is the model of your system and the SD card reader model?

- Do you have Funtoo installed or are you trying to install Funtoo on an SD card?

- Did you build and configure your own kernel?

- What desktop environment are you using (KDE, Gnome, Xfce)?



With a SD card in the reader you can run the command:

# sudo fdisk -l

You can also try:

# sudo ls -la /dev/sd*

These can show if your system can already see the SD card.


There are a few things you can do to make sure everything is working as expected if needed.

1) Verify that Funtoo knows about your SD card slot and what to do with it.
2) Verify that Funtoo knows you inserted an SD card.
3) Verify that Funtoo understands the filesystem on the SD card you inserted.


You can use one or all of the following commands in a terminal window to help with this:

# sudo lspci -v -nn 
# sudo lshw 
# sudo lsusb

Those commands will help to determine if your system can detect the card reader itself and can help determine if there is a module or driver problem. The last one is only for if you have a USB SD card reader.



* You don't need to use "sudo" of course if you are root already.

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gentoo discourages sudo commands....  i think sudo should be emphasized because it helps security to disable root logins via password and only allow root logins via sudo su......  but certainly the kernel must support mmc devices...  for hardware problems i generally use live media which loads everything via modules & lsmod to gather clues as to how to configure my kernel to support random hardware im trying to configure under funtoo....  sd/mmc does have some quirks in the kernel stuff, i vaguely remember having to enable 3 kernel options before the mmc would work properly.  (they were right next to the mmc stuff, or one level above.)

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