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Fixing meta-repo issues

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Today I made a mistake and updated meta-repo using my older environment instead of the newer one I had set up recently. This resulted in some problems with meta-repo. I have fixed the problems but you may need to perform a few steps to 'fix' things if you did an ego sync today (Feb 6 2020)

If you have synced today, you may need to rm -rf /var/git/meta-repo && ego sync as the branches got out of sync with their git history. You will know this because when you ego sync, it will tell you that 'history has diverged' (if you look at git output) and you'll see output from git like "please tell me who you are" (wanting your name and email) because it's trying to do a merge commit rather than fast-forwarding. You may also see editors-kit not sync successfully.

If you didn't sync today, you should be fine and everything should continue working next sync.

The fix should be pretty easy -- sorry for the issue.


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