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Funtoo / BSD ?

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The mine was only a question for now .... since *BSD kernels doesn't support all my hardware for now cause it is fairly recent hardware (FreeBSD kernel does not see my integrated ethernet card .....)

I love Funtoo !!!

But i've plesure to make experience with other type of OS .... :) so my question (and for me is a "type of game" ..... :) )


As a person I know, and that is much better than me about Linux / BSD, I wanted to hear an opinion on your part.

Because I believe that with Funtoo can do everything and more (perhaps with difficulty).

However, the possibility remains; and this is what I want to understand.

All this because when a person asks me that OS install, first ask cpu, RAM and videocard.

If th architecture of PC is too "old" well do not tell Funtoo install, although it will always be easier to T2 Linux or LFS / BLFS or Slackware (most people tell that is no difficult..... but for me is 10000 times simply use Funtoo or Gentoo with the power of Portage :P), but recommend a precompiled, unless it is "fixed" like me on the superiority of Portage: P


Now I must make some works with my loved Funtoo system ........ Then i'd like to make experience to create a Funtoo BSD if possible :)


Ciao :)

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