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[SOLVED] git-annex fails to build due to lack of space in /var/tmp

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I am attempting to install git-annex and apparently this has not been installed for some time, but I did have git-annex installed a while back.

My /var/tmp is tmpfs and has 12G allocated.  When attempting to install git-annex, it requires at least 8GB free and fails:


Checking for at least 8 GiB disk space at "/var/tmp/portage/dev-lang/ghc-8.0.2/temp

The build will most probably fail, you should enhance the space as per failed tests.


I could do a bind mount here, but why does the ebuild care if it is disk or memory for the underlying device?  Is there another way around this short of doing a bind mount here?




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Ah, you're right, my chromium build fails and isn't cleaned up.  I will modify the build process to wipe /var/tmp for me :).  I was checking after the entire build completed and /var/tmp was wiped - I forgot about failed builds not being cleaned.

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