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questions from a potentially new user



Hello, I used to run gentoo many years ago, and I'm considering getting back to it or funtoo.

I have a few questions about funtoo:

1) in the profiles, I'm assuming the 'build' setting changes the ACCEPT_KEYWORDS variable system wide? If so, how does this affect kits? or does it only affect packages not installed as part of a kit? (according to https://www.funtoo.org/FAQ:What_Are_Funtoo_Kits there seems to also exist different stability profiles for them)

2) is it problematic to have a `current` profile while running a stable kit? I can imagine there could be dependency conflicts wrt to library versions?

3) I can see that the steam package depends on nvidia, I would like to know whether or not it would be possible to do the same - with changes to the ebuild - with an AMD card, or if the nvidia hardware is indeed a requirement.



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"build" is not currently used. It was used when we were doing unstable and stable builds but now all are "~" snapshots.

The steam-nvidia-launcher is NVIDIA-specific. The Mesa-based one is coming soon and will be called "steam-launcher" or "steam-mesa-launcher". I just did a 1.4 release of the NVIDIA launcher which will be the basis for the Mesa one (had to fix some stuff before the Mesa one is forked.)


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