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portage with crossdev



So I finally had time to tackle my crossdev. Modest success. :)

I can build x86_64-w64-mingw32 (64bit windows). Yeah!!!! :D


However, there is other software that I need to grab.


There was a suggestion on gentoo pages that emerging with crossdev is possible. I tried the x86_64-w64-mingw32-emerge command and got a non-error response. Cool...


However, it informed me that I needed to update. :blink:

I'm assuming that this is what eselect profiles would take care of in a non-cross-build situation. Problem is that emerging portage will fail with the error about unsatisfied python constraint:

  The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied:

    any-of ( python_abis_2.6 python_abis_2.7 python_abis_3.1 python_abis_3.2 python_abis_3.3 python_abis_3.4 python_abis_3.5 python_abis_2.7-pypy python_abis_3.2-pypy )

:unsure: Suggestions on resolving?


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When I try to do an emerge in crossdev environment, I get messages that portage needs to be updated first.

I execute...

x86_64-w64-mingw32-emerge -1 portage

and am given the response shown above.


Since posting, I've done some other reading. ( gentoo forum , gentoo wiki mingw).


Google search is giving me pages with sometimes contraditory information.


The impression I'm getting is that I may have an incomplete setup.

The setup seems a little haphazzard and I'm tempted to start over.



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What I understand (but I can be off the track) is that you are trying to build a sort of Funtoo stage1 archive (or minimalistic setup) starting from scratch in order  to have a more or less complete Funtoo userland environment runnable under MingW rather on the top of Linux kernel at the end. If this is the case, things are more complicated than simply building a cross compiler then emerging various packages by hand/via portage. Portage itself and the various ebuilds you will include in that "Funtoo stage 1/2/3 for Mingw"  expect to have several environment variables set (this is what a profile deserves) else you will experience build failures and various unsatisfied dependencies, not counting compatibility issues related to your MingW environment itself. Even cross-compiling with a functional profile does not bring the warranty to see a smooth stage build...


To quote the above link : Some things work. Most things do not.


It is definitely (or probably with a bit of modesty) not an impossible endeavour but will require a good knowledge of how things work behind the scene (good opportunity to discover at the cost of spending a huge time amount) and a lot of patience to grab the adequate settings but be prepared for a lot of frustration and dozens of hours of researching various obscure and hard to track down issues while crossing your fingers to not have severe problems with core ebuilds. My personal experience on  SPARC stuff speaks here ;)

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Not to show any kind of disrespect to  you but could you, please, explain clearly what you want to achieve, what you have done so far step by step and  post the complete errors messages you get?  What you have written so far is more or less "I used this start-up page it does not work" with a vague error message that concerns at least 70+ base packages. It is not by critizing my answers that you will get your problems fixed.For the rest, I have explained you what cross-compiling implies (in short words: you must setup a proper profile before trying to emerge anything). The error you have seems related to a cluncky USE variable and would tend to confirm my first guess....

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