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package wants automake-1.1x



FL-1894 brought in update of automake to 1.14. This was done just a few days ago.


I went to rebuild media-gfx/graphviz to debug an issue in my personal code. I needed to rebuild the graphviz so that I could trace memory leaks with valgrind.


Problem was that graphviz (built before) gave no problems but suddenly just stopped on the compile phase complaining that it needed automake-1.13. Since slotting wasn't an issue, I was able to re-emerge automake-1.13. The rebuild of graphviz worked fine.


Is this really a bug with ebuilds or upstream where build fails because of a dependency on a specific automake?

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Bizarre. I just emerge'd graphviz on my second machine (but not synched first). And I didn't get a fail?

On my desktop (where I encountered the error) I was re-emerging with FEATURES=splitdebug, then the error occurred.


I'll take another look. If I run into something, I'll post a bug.

Thanks, Oleg. Appreciate the feedback.

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