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Suggestions: Notification of Funtoo upgrade availability


I don't frequent the forum, and this is the second or third time now that a big upgrade was made available that I didn't know about.  The first time I went for months without any package updates because I didn't know I had to upgrade to a newer Funtoo version. 

I would like to suggest that a notification of available upgrade be presented when running 'ego sync' or 'emerge @world'.  The notification should tell the sysadmin that there's a newer Funtoo version available, and the date it was made available (so the sysadmin will know how mature the upgrade is and also how out of date he is).  For instance:

Funtoo 1.4 was made available on August 1, 2019.  See https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions/1.4-release

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With the high tech features of the forum it's not necessary to visit to be notified of important News and Announcements.

All news of importance is posted by drobbins to  https://forums.funtoo.org/forum/5-news-and-announcements/

Click the black Follow button on the right side so it changes to Following.

The forum sends you an email when drobbins posts to news and announcements.

There is also an rss feed for News and Announcements that I use with Livemarks addon for firefox.

I hover the mouse cursor over the News and Announcements live bookmark folder and a title/link for the last 25 posts made to News and Announcements displays.

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Thanks Cardinal.  The Follow button is white until you are actually following.

I still think it's a good idea to give some other type of notification of upgrades, although it is a little less critical for me now that I'm following News and Announcements per your suggestion.  For instance, Ubuntu utilizes motd to let you know when you log in at the CLI that a release upgrade is available. 

Following News and Announcements isn't exactly going to fill my inbox, but it does contain a wide variety of news.  For instance, "Funtoo 1.4 is released" and "Funtoo is now on Discord" have significantly different levels of importance to me, especially since "Funtoo 1.4 is released" means that my 1.3 system will stop receiving updates at some point in time.

Anyway, just food for thought for the powers that be.  Thanks again, Cardinal.

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