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1.4 release questions


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Interesting item about gcc. I've had a few issues trying to compile  spidermonkey on the odroid N2. It took hours and tons of crashes. I had enabled the mix-ins for plasma which brought in that program that would not compile. I am not sure if it was compiled cleanly, anyhow it installed which enabled the rest to compile. What exactly does that buggy software do? Why is it required to get plasma support?

I am not a big fan of gnome 3 so my only choice left appears to be kde. The goal is to have a decent desktop on wayland, a friend told me that I could setup kde to look just like my mac so that would work for me. I stopped using gnome long ago when they switched from 2.x to 3.x. Unfortunately mate doesn't work on wayland.

My next task will be to swap the EGL stuff to use the binary blob instead of those of mesa, any idea on an easy way to do that? The eselect approach might have been a solution but the new way woudl make that impossible, or could I easily modify that program to use the binary blobs from ARM?

Odroid tells us that ARM has decided to no longer support xorg so on those embedded boards wayland is the only way. Same happened last year with TI about the imagination GPU. If I enable mesa none of the GPU stuff would work.

Is there a way to completely disable xorg and still be able to run gnome or kde on Funtoo? That can be very important for my Beagleboard X15 and Beaglebone-AI so I can use the EGL from Imagination. With yocto I have to disable mesa to get that to work. On funtoo mesa is called and if I try to uninstall it I get tons of error messages claiming that it is needed.


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