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How to handle CatPkg new versioning scheme



media-gfx/plantuml is java-based software that enables text-based UML diagram generation (similar in nature to graphviz but focused on UML).

Latest available in tree is version 8046 (or July 2016). Newer versions(v1.2019.9) are available and tweaking ebuild to build this package with latest software works well.

However, portage becomes an issue. Using the newer ebuild as plantuml-1.2019.1 looks to portage as a "downgrade". Short-term fix is to mask package earlier versions (i.e. >=media-gfx/plantuml-8046).

How to best to handle definitively change in versioning scheme?

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14 hours ago, bcowan said:

We used to let portage handle these moves transparently using profiles/updates. I don't know if that's still the case.

Doing an emerge of a package marked "8046" to "1.2019.9" is seen by emerge as a downgrade. I wasn't sure of the "practical", "portage" way to handle or otherwise convince portage to ignore of consider a revision regex pattern to be less than current. I had to throw the question out to the studio audience.

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