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app-editors/emacs-26.3 and acct-group/* catpkgs


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Hello all,

I have backported the Emacs 26.3 ebuild from Gentoo.  It is currently in my overlay, but I would like to request it merged into editors-kit eventually.


However, there is one issue I ran into.  In the Gentoo world, there is a recent change (i.e. shortly after the late June 2019 branch-off point for 1.4) in how automatically-created users and groups are handled.  Specifically, instead of calling enewgroup from within pkg_setup, there are now individual catpkgs (under the categories acct-user and acct-group) that handle creation of individual users and groups.  The newer app-editors/emacs and app-emacs/emacs-common-gentoo ebuilds from Gentoo use this new feature to programmatically create the gamestat group (acct-group/gamestat) when the games USE flag is enabled.


# Copyright 2019 Gentoo Authors
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2


inherit acct-group

DESCRIPTION="Group for shared high-score and game state files"

I have tested the emacs-26.3 ebuild in Funtoo 1.4, and Funtoo 1.4 appears to have the right eclasses to handle the acct-user/* and acct-group/* catpkgs.  I can't speak for Funtoo 1.3 though.

Nevertheless, I appear to be the first person trying to use the acct-user and acct-group stuff on Funtoo.  There are no such catpkgs on Funtoo 1.4 currently.  In fact, I had to declare those two categories explicitly in profile/categories otherwise portage refused to use them.

Are there any strong opinions against introducing acct-user/* and acct-group/* catpkgs?  If so, I can remove the catpkgs and go back to creating the gamestat group the old-school school way.  If not, I would prefer keeping app-editors/emacs synchronized with Gentoo.

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2 hours ago, lego12239 said:

Yes. acct-user/* and acct-group/* are ugly a little less than completely :-D.

Over the past few months, that seems to be the consensus.  Next step for me is converting the ebuild to autogen.  Then, our app-editors/emacs can be completely independent of Gentoo's.

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