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dev-python/imaging does not install "Imaging.h", "ImPlatform.h"

Philipp Ludwig


Hello everyone,


I'm facing the problem that the package "dev-python/imaging" does not install the header files "Imaging.h" and "ImPlatform.h", which are required to merge "media-gfx/uniconvertor", which itself is a dependency of the vector-drawing program inkscape.


During compile time, the header files are located in:


They should be copied to /usr/include/python2.7, but this is not the case which causes the compile process of uniconvertor to fail.

I tried to modify the imaging ebuild, but I am not very familiar with this.


If anyone has any suggestions regarding this issue, I would be very happy to read them.

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The same thing happend to me.

I reported it as a bug in the bug tracker, and they said the newest version of uniconvertor will be masked for now.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, I created the imaging-headers ebuild. That's on my overlay:




Install it, (together with imaging itself and python-imaging), then compile the newest version of uniconvertor, and all works like a charm.

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