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It's going on three months now. It's been an enlightening journey. But it looks like it's just going to end in heartbreak.

I have installed funtoo/gentoo on my machine in so many different configurations I can't count. I've done uefi stub, uefi/grub, rEFInd with all sorts of filesytem configurations.

I'm just now getting very confident in the function of everything.

I was only able to get the kernel to boot once, with efi stub... and SPECIFICALLY with efi frambuffer [uncheck it and it's cooked again]...

No other configuration will boot... at all.

Is Kernel configuration really this ALL ...or nothing?...

Can't I at least crack the boot... just once; Just once see some boot messages scrolling.

My Kernel boots, but only as a uefi stub. What the hell does that mean? everything you need for your computer to run is in your kernel but.... but... no.?

What book or manpage could I possibly read in my lifetime to make a custom kernel for a 2010 macbook air? (I have a book on kernel configuration). I'm starting to believe no amount of expertise could take me there.

Right now. I have gentoo-sources with the configuration file that booted the uefi stub, with the stub options removed, while I constantly recompile and reboot with new fb options. It has a functioning uefi grub bootloader on a fat sda1 /boot partition that points at and is configured for my kernel and initramfs.

I see grub. That's always good. But then darkness after selecting funtoo. The mouse is lit as well as the screen, this was not always the case.

Having all this freedom and new knowledge. It's like being trapped in a glob of cement on a beach filled with beautiful girls, while slowly dying.

I installed sysklogd, there is no log file when I chroot in from the usb after a boot.

Where should I even look? What should I read? The only reason I looked up new flavors and found funtoo was because I wanted to streamline my dated machine for graphics. It's excruciating to think that after all is said and done, I may as well have stuck with my clunky linuxmint install three months ago.

What is this one incredibly stubborn stumbling block? How did you approach learning about kernels when you first started? (generally speaking)

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i learned from slackware punishing my slackware with linux from scratch manuals.....  i dont have efi equipment =/  i use a method similar to gentoo's kernel/manual method on their wiki.  the cheater method to build a kernel is use lsmod from live media, then compile all modules into your kernel as Y...  you dont need a initrd...  you MUST compile your file system in as Y...


ok....  emerge your vanilla sources...  run make clean && make distclean && make mrproper....  once that's done make menuconfig....  in menuconfig you press / and then a search menu comes up, type in "devtmpfs" to find it in the configs...  repeat the process press / search for module found in lsmod output....
once your kernels configured, make && make modules_install && make install
above produces a kernel that will boot....  insert your kernel via efi modes or grubs or what ever...  i use lilo and made a wiki page of it...  there is a package called elilo for efi but i dont have any equipment to test any of this....  fix the wiki documentation if you get it working.
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