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LXD Network Setup



I need some help setting up networking for my LXD containers. I have followed drobins guides on the wiki and they cover most everything except for networking. When I search and try the thing I find it goes wrong.

The setup:

On my server I have a physical interface eth0 with ip I like to create a LXD container that uses an own static IP on eth0 (.3) so that I can use it for SSH and web server accessible from inside the LAN. Naturally I want the container to be able to network out. I do NOT want NAT (I think). I do not intend to have a rproxy - I will map a unique hostname to the IP.


I have tried to many ways I no longer can describe them but mostly I like the concept for this one as it seems simple enough: https://stgraber.org/2016/10/27/network-management-with-lxd-2-3/

Problem is that even though there seems to be an IP it does not pass through.

Also, do I have to configure the static IP using normal networking inside the container? I have tried and it still does not fall through.

Anyone that knows a guide for the LXD beginner?

There need to be a setup for the Funtoo Computing that does this or similar, it's jut missing in the guide.



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well, lxd init should actually propose to create a lxdbr0 interface that will be used for network inside containers. if you have missed or skipped that part I recommend to go back and try again as it is the easiest thing to do.

so basically you need a bridge interface in the host so the containers can attach to it and you should get internet through your host.

if you need any help contact me on IRC

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