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Searching sponsored vps for building iso images

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I'm searching for sponsored vps that builds unofficial funtoo iso images with my script. Anyone can provide?:

  • It uses linux-live script from Tomas M to boot the sqaushed filesystem.
  • It uses 2 installer:
    • created by me (from terminal use "install-funtoo")
    • Calamares (thanks to@Otakku for providing scripts)

Question for @drobbins: Can you approve my project that would be official?

Greetings Daniel K.

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Yes, the more people who use our tools, find bugs, report bugs, report fixes -- the better they get 🙂 Send me a private email at support@funtoo.org with the hostname you want -- something.host.funtoo.org -- along with a public ssh key for the root login, and I will get this set up in the next day or so.

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