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  1. Otakku

    Update Signal Desktop

    create a request on https://bugs.funtoo.org
  2. A Teaser about the testing on vmware with the live iso, the iso will be released until the end of the month. https://youtu.be/KKtN6rLeJYA
  3. Do you can show the log of Xorg.0.log ?
  4. When you upgrade the kernel you need recompile the zfs modules
  5. Otakku

    Dealing with multilib removal

    I'll try the ebuild, I have a 770m is old but work well yet.
  6. Otakku

    From openssl to libressl + gnutls

    better follow the packages ported to libressl -> https://github.com/gentoo/libressl
  7. Otakku


    x86-64bit could be multi-lib, pure64 no
  8. Otakku


    "x86-64bit-papa" is the parent of x86-64bit* profile. I wonder if was better change to pure64 as parent, I guess that will be better to understand.
  9. Otakku

    nodejs won't install

    Go back to 8.12 is the LTS
  10. Otakku

    nodejs won't install

    this version install normal here.
  11. Otakku

    nodejs won't install

    are you using profile 1.2 or 1.3 ?
  12. Otakku

    nodejs won't install

    I'm using the 8.12 and work, I'll test the latest version.
  13. If you don't want wait, you need install "gdbus-codegen" before Glib, use "emerge -1 --nodeps gdbus-codegen", then install glib.
  14. Otakku

    Testing 1.3

    use boot-update to update the grub entries.
  15. Otakku

    Build livecd

    I didn't knew that Metro could build an iso after create the stages, but the system is already done, I just need the steps to create the iso. I already did a livecd on Debian, I know that I need compress the system on squashfs and than create the iso, but almost there is auto with live_build, I want know the step to search, don't need to be a tutorial, just the steps.