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  1. when I tried the repo man doesn't work with metal-repo https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Repoman
  2. [multiboot] grub In various OS [Solved]

    no, you need configure the /etc/boot.conf add both boot entry point to each kernel and initramfs(if use) and use "boot-update" to generate
  3. Firefox 57 and alsa

    But why you don't use Pulseaudio ?
  4. [Funtoo Stable x64] About "emerge PHP"

    remove use "recode" on package.use
  5. [Off] Plymouth Theme

    I just made some experiments, in january with time I'll do more themes. and can use any theme, I like Animes so I used, but could use other thing, the issue is the size of the initramfs in the end, 5s of anime generate ~20mb ~50mb
  6. No "users switch" with KDE (sddm)

    maybe you need add the new use to group "video"
  7. build.funtoo.org down right now

    check you dns, on /etc/resolv.conf
  8. Gcc 6.4 upgrade - need rebuild whole system ?

    So, is not necessary rebuild all because the PIE on GCC 6.4.0, is disabled on Funtoo.
  9. Gcc 6.4 upgrade - need rebuild whole system ?

    but the 5.4 and 6.4 don't use compatibility ABI ?
  10. Hi folks, I read that on Gentoo news, about the update on system profile to them : https://www.gentoo.org/support/news-items/2017-11-30-new-17-profiles.html and I ask if I need rebuild the whole system ? I mean, I was using gcc 5.4.0 and I upgrade to 6.4 both withour hardened, so I need rebuild ?
  11. [Off] Plymouth Theme

    all these themes is to plymouth the boot splash, I don't did themes to session manager yet.
  12. [Off] Plymouth Theme

    I guess is like lightdm, but a friend made a theme to lightdm webkit, I'll post here later. I made others on plymouth but I lost the files, I'l recreate :