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  1. I'm not using overlay to gcc, that is already available on 1.4.
  2. I always prefer make a new installation from stage3 and recompile all with the new gcc 9.1. I didn't upgrade from 1.3 yet.
  3. I'm using 3.6 version with no issue.
  4. Hi folks. now we have a livecd iso and an installer with calamares, both need some improvement but already work, I would like fix and improve better, but I need some help with the feedback. so, who could test, even in a vm, please give the feedback, about something to add, remove or change. here the site => http://bentoo.info ISO => https://sourceforge.net/projects/bentoo/ binaries and ISO => https://binhost.bentoo.info/ and the Telegram group => https://t.me/joinchat/DG0l5Rez0MRt4p2GHnNohQ
  5. show the qt compilation log when fail, maybe you just need enable some flag.
  6. Otakku


  7. I solve that issue reinstall "pam".
  8. dbus is enabled and do you use consolekit or elogind ? and show some screens
  9. I saw the package on github, I'll test soon possible.
  10. Better reinstall from stage3, more safe
  11. Use the Area31 Funtoo livecd -> https://area31.net.br/wiki/LiveCD_oficial is funtoo 1.3 based, we don't need gentoo based livecd anymore.
  12. Thread about that question: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5985
  13. Calamares no, the iso is only to test, I'll configure the Calamare next month
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