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  1. [solved] emerge mariadb

    clean the database folder on /var/lib/mysql and try again.
  2. Nvidia problems after upgrade to 1.2

    I'm using nvidia, gcc7 and 1.2 kits and work normal.
  3. kde login delay

    with is your kernel version ? I face that on the version 4.16.x
  4. [solved] emerge mariadb

    do you start the service before config ?
  5. No "users switch" with KDE (sddm)

    I have face that too, I already trid add the sddm to video group and doesn't work
  6. Screenshots

    My current desktop
  7. About new kit released.

    thank you.
  8. About new kit released.

    Hi, I'm already using the gcc version 7.3, I wonder if I need reinstall the gcc if change the kits to version 1.2 ? or just keep the tutorial skip that step.
  9. when I tried the repo man doesn't work with metal-repo https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Repoman
  10. [multiboot] grub In various OS [Solved]

    no, you need configure the /etc/boot.conf add both boot entry point to each kernel and initramfs(if use) and use "boot-update" to generate
  11. Firefox 57 and alsa

    But why you don't use Pulseaudio ?
  12. [Funtoo Stable x64] About "emerge PHP"

    remove use "recode" on package.use
  13. [Off] Plymouth Theme

    I just made some experiments, in january with time I'll do more themes. and can use any theme, I like Animes so I used, but could use other thing, the issue is the size of the initramfs in the end, 5s of anime generate ~20mb ~50mb
  14. No "users switch" with KDE (sddm)

    maybe you need add the new use to group "video"
  15. build.funtoo.org down right now

    check you dns, on /etc/resolv.conf