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mesa stuck on 17.2.8



A new mesa version would be important to me, I play quite often right now, also thanks to Steams Proton thing. I just stumbled over the news that the new version will contain game specific patches.

There was already a post in this forum some time ago that mesa should be update soon, but that did not seem to happen.

Or is there something wrong with my system?

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You can use the version 1.20 of xorg-server, but mask the xorg-1.20.

Thanks. I'm getting this error on an upgrade after this:

ERROR: Specified xorg-kit branch  1.20-release is missing! Is it included in this release? Exiting.

Do I have to run anything else instead of `ego sync`?

Edit: notized the error message looks like there is a tab or something before the version number, so I added the xorg-kit line again. Seems to have worked now, I will now upgrade the system. Let's see ?

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