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ERROR: Binary /sbin/btrfs could not be found



I use btrfs for the /. I see that the but is fixed at https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5013


genkernel-3.4.4023 now has auto-enable of btrfs rootfs switched off. debian-sources now also has zfs and btrfs USEs, that, when enabled will automatically pass --btrfs or --zfs arguments to genkernel when building the kernel. Tested ok on btrfs host and container


I use

emerge debian-sources

instead, should I have to use



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Only >=debian-sources-4.14.17 which are currently masked have the btrfs and zfs use flags.

Unmask >=debian-sources-4.14.17 and enable the binary and btrfs flag

The debian-sources binary flag builds genkernel

According to the bug report you posted the btrfs flag will build btrfs-progs which provides /sbin/btrfs and auto-enable btrfs in genkernel.


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