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Found 4 results

  1. I use btrfs for the /. I see that the but is fixed at https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5013 I use emerge debian-sources instead, should I have to use genkernel
  2. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. A bit of background that can be skipped if you are in a hurry: I am by no means a programmer and try hard just to stay out of the way and keep my head down when using open source software. I've been using Funtoo for a long time now on my home servers. These systems started as lab style "blow them away at the drop of a hat when things go bad while flying by the seat of my pants learning a thing or two along the way" machines but over the years they have evolved into a much more stable pattern. I have a desktop for gaming but I don't run Funtoo on it, choosing Mint instead because "It just works" most of the time. One of the things that bothers me about Mint is the lack of real data protection in the default install so I set up a raid like I do with my server but instead of mdadm I used brtfs, This means that the default filesystem snapshot tool in Mint (TimeShift) can't work on my system. So I dug around and found a very cool utility called "snapper" that auto snapshots my btrfs filesystem. It does this transparently in the back ground and can be configured to keep so many hourly, daily, weekly (and so on) snapshots. The cool thing is that it makes a pre and post snapshot every time I unistall or uninstall software with apt. I looked for snapper in portage and it's there. This has me thinking about starting a fresh install of Funtoo on my server and using btrfs raid10 and having snapper as a second layer of system protection. So to the point: Can snapper automatically snapshot a btrfs filesystem before and after an emerge command is executed? If not would making it do so be trivial or non-trivial? If it does so or can easily be made to do so why not add a snapper use flag to btrfs-progs so it would be pulled in if desired by the system admin? This is the kind of idea I normally keep to myself because I can't write it and I tell myself "If it was that good of an idea it would be done already." In this case it's something I really would like to have and it would benefit so many people using both Funtoo and Gentoo that I felt I should at least ask.
  3. This is my first installation with funtoo. I have used a combination of luks and lvm that is I encrypted the partition /dev/sda2. After I've created three volume root, home and portage and formatted with btrfs. The mount point are respectively: /mnt/funtoo, /mnt/funtoo/home,/mnt/funtoo/usr/portage. The sda1 is vfat efi partition where I installed the grub2 . The kernel is debian-sources. The boot.conf is the following "Funtoo Linux General" { kernel kernel[-v] initrd initramfs[-v] params += crypt_root=/dev/sda2 dolvm real_root=/dev/mapper/vg-root rootfstype=btrfs } The boot-boot-update don't has errors. My question is the following during the boot I have this error: No volume groups found. Block device /dev/mapper/vg-root is not a valid root device. Could not find the root block device in . Where I wrong ?
  4. I currently have archlinux in a pure btrfs installation in three subvolumes I want to try funtoo because it seems great. I have the next subvolumes in / __active/arch-root __active/arch-var __active/home __snapshots/ I have created too __active/funtoo-root and __active/funtoo-var so I want to know how i have to install it using the grub in arch-root? Thanks --haliax
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