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From openssl to libressl + gnutls

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Possibly still ongoing upstream, though it is not clear to me:

  1. What's the overall maturity level of libressl?
  2. Is it (technically) possible to switch to libressl?
  3. Wherever gnutls (f.i., openldap) is alternative to libressl, what's preferable?
  4. If 2. is positive, is it advisable?  And, above all,
  5. Did anybody succeed at it?

My first lazy attempts shows quite a bit of the customary conflicts, so I0d like to have some advice before grinding my system ;-)

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I have already converted my funtoo to use libressl, following his pages in the funtoo and gentoo wiki, and everything is fine, it was difficult because of some programs, which I had no choice but to compile with gnutls, I even used layman to install libressl overlay, and had to edit spotify ebuild for it to compile with libressl (it ran normal). But after 2 months with it, I decided to go back to openssl because I saw that continuing on the libressl might complicate it by installing certain other programs. And I also considered that the Alpine distro came to use libressl for a while, but last year it went back to openssl -> https://lists.alpinelinux.org/alpine-devel/6073.html

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