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Playonlinux doesnt start after update, can anybody test if it work?




just that, i updated to gcc 7.3.1 and kits 1.2 and playonlinux doesnt start now, it was working before the updte, can anybody test if it work or if something of update broke it?*

dependency graph for app-emulation/playonlinux-4.2.12
 `--  app-emulation/playonlinux-4.2.12  ~amd64
   `--  sys-apps/sed-4.4  (>=sys-apps/sed-4) ~amd64
   `--  dev-lang/python-2.7.14-r2  (>=dev-lang/python-2.7.5-r2) ~amd64
   `--  dev-lang/python-exec-2.4.5  (>=dev-lang/python-exec-2) ~amd64  [python_targets_python2_7(-)? -python_single_target_jython2_7(-) -python_single_target_pypy(-) -python_single_target_pypy3(-) -python_single_target_python3_4(-) -python_single_target_python3_5(-) -python_single_target_python3_6(-) python_single_target_python2_7(+)]
   `--  app-arch/cabextract-1.6  (app-arch/cabextract) amd64
   `--  app-arch/p7zip-16.02-r3  (app-arch/p7zip) ~amd64
   `--  app-arch/unzip-6.0_p21-r2  (app-arch/unzip) amd64
   `--  app-crypt/gnupg-2.2.4  (app-crypt/gnupg) amd64
   `--  virtual/wine-0-r6  (virtual/wine) ~amd64
   `--  dev-python/wxpython-  (dev-python/wxpython) amd64  [python_targets_python2_7(-)? -python_single_target_jython2_7(-) -python_single_target_pypy(-) -python_single_target_pypy3(-) -python_single_target_python3_4(-) -python_single_target_python3_5(-) -python_single_target_python3_6(-) python_single_target_python2_7(+)]
   `--  net-misc/wget-1.19.2-r2  (net-misc/wget) ~amd64
   `--  x11-apps/mesa-progs-8.3.0  (x11-apps/mesa-progs) amd64
   `--  x11-terms/xterm-331  (x11-terms/xterm) ~amd64
   `--  media-gfx/icoutils-0.32.3  (media-gfx/icoutils) ~amd64
   `--  net-analyzer/netcat-110.20180111  (net-analyzer/netcat) ~amd64
   `--  net-analyzer/netcat6-1.0-r2  (net-analyzer/netcat6) amd64
   `--  virtual/imagemagick-tools-0  (virtual/imagemagick-tools) amd64
   `--  net-fs/samba-4.8.1  (net-fs/samba) ~amd64  [winbind]


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@adcdam I don't want to be mean to you. Depgraph is something everybody can do on his box, but the actual error message is unique to your box only. It would be helpful to give as much information about the failure as you can and do that if possible in the first message of the post.

The first point in that post is:




Search, and research

...and keep track of what you find. Even if you don't find a useful answer elsewhere on the site, including links to related questions that haven't helped can help others in understanding how your question is different from the rest.


We also have https://bugs.funtoo.org

The upgrade shouldn't break it, but it can. It also depends how you did the upgrade. Did you follow the steps from here:

I think your problem might be related to this issue:

https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5109?jql=text ~ "wxpython"

So subscribe yourself to that bug and watch as it gets resolved.

Best regards.

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running a test on my container reveals this:

playonlinux-test-1 ~ # playonlinux
Looking for python... 3.6.1 - skipped
Looking for python2.7... 2.7.13 - wxversion(s): 3.0-gtk2
/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/wx-3.0-gtk2/wx/_core.py:16629: UserWarning: wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch
  warnings.warn("wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch")
/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/wx-3.0-gtk2/wx/_core.py:16629: UserWarning: wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch
  warnings.warn("wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch")

posting this in the first post would have helped a lot!

It is due to wxpython/wxwidgets mismatch and the bug was a correct assumption.

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