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emerge fails for exiv2-0.26: VERIFY FAILED!


In a half-woken state this morning, I posted this to the Gentoo forums, where I was told that this is '...an ancient version of exiv2, riddled with security holes' so it sounds like this package needs updating from Gentoo upstream.

$ sudo emerge exiv2 
Calculating dependencies... done! 

>>> Verifying ebuild manifests 

>>> Emerging (1 of 1) media-gfx/exiv2-0.26::media-kit 
>>> Downloading 'http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz' 
--2018-05-10 09:51:54-- http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz 
Resolving distfiles.gentoo.org...,,, ... 
Connecting to distfiles.gentoo.org||:80... connected. 
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 
2018-05-10 09:51:55 ERROR 404: Not Found. 

>>> Downloading 'http://www.exiv2.org/builds/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz' 
--2018-05-10 09:51:55-- http://www.exiv2.org/builds/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz 
Resolving www.exiv2.org... 
Connecting to www.exiv2.org||:80... connected. 
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK 
Length: 5677925 (5.4M) [application/x-gzip] 
Saving to: '/var/cache/portage/distfiles/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz' 

/var/cache/portage/ 100%[===================>] 5.41M 1.37MB/s in 6.1s 

2018-05-10 09:52:01 (902 KB/s) - '/var/cache/portage/distfiles/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz' saved [5677925/5677925] 

!!! Fetched file: exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz VERIFY FAILED! 
!!! Reason: Filesize does not match recorded size 
!!! Got: 5677925 
!!! Expected: 5699163 
Refetching... File renamed to '/var/cache/portage/distfiles/exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz._checksum_failure_.KHvCbE' 

!!! Couldn't download 'exiv2-0.26-trunk.tar.gz'. Aborting. 
* Fetch failed for 'media-gfx/exiv2-0.26', Log file: 
* '/var/tmp/portage/media-gfx/exiv2-0.26/temp/build.log' 

>>> Failed to emerge media-gfx/exiv2-0.26, Log file: 

>>> '/var/tmp/portage/media-gfx/exiv2-0.26/temp/build.log' 

* Messages for package media-gfx/exiv2-0.26: 

* Fetch failed for 'media-gfx/exiv2-0.26', Log file: 
* '/var/tmp/portage/media-gfx/exiv2-0.26/temp/build.log'

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Could i see your /etc/ego.conf ?

I'm on 1.2ß

	[ebuild   R   ] media-gfx/exiv2-0.26_p20171104-r1  USE="nls png xmp -doc -exampl
es -webready" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)"  

Anyway i think you're not with 1.2ß kits.

If You're with 1.1, i think that you can upgrade your system to 1.2ß ....

To make it possible, You can use the howto ^^

I reccomend >=gentoo-sources [experimental] 4.16.8 to have a patched kernel vs "Meltdown" & "Spectre" without graphical troubles if you'll use GNome3 desktop.

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Aha, thank you! I will see if I can upgrade. I am not sure how to check my version but I'll research as you suggest.

My ego.conf is:


$ cat /etc/ego.conf
# This is the ego.conf file


# You can set your default kits here. Unset kits will use the Funtoo default prime/master
# branch by default.

# python-kit = 3.6-prime

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Ok. You're not in 1.2beta.

You can try to upgrade. 

To see about your situation about kits, use

	ego kit list


For that I think that can be a  good thing to update at first python and that python3.6 will be the first choice (eselect python set python3.6).

Good work ^^

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