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Raspberry 3 64bit Crossdev?


I'm trying to setup crossdev for Aarch64 Raspberry Pi3 cross-compilation on my x64 Funtoo PC as described here.

While crossdev itself emerged ok, entering

sudo crossdev --stable -t aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu

fails after a few seconds with a rather laconic

 * error: binutils failed :(

I looked into filing a bug, as it seems this should be stable now, the closest entry dating back from 2015 but I wanted to check first if anybody had this working currently.

I've attached the files I have, as recommended by the full command output:

 * crossdev version:      20180410
 * Host Portage ARCH:     amd64
 * Target Portage ARCH:   arm64
 * Target System:         aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu
 * Stage:                 4 (C/C++ compiler)
 * USE=multilib:          no
 * ABIs:                  arm64

 * binutils:              binutils-[stable]
 * gcc:                   gcc-[stable]
 * headers:               linux-headers-[stable]
 * libc:                  glibc-[stable]

 * CROSSDEV_OVERLAY:      /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * PORT_LOGDIR:           /var/log/portage
 * Portage flags:         
 * leaving sys-devel/binutils in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * leaving sys-devel/gcc in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * leaving sys-kernel/linux-headers in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * leaving sys-libs/glibc in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * leaving sys-devel/gdb in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * leaving metadata/layout.conf alone in /usr/local/portage-crossdev
 * Log: /var/log/portage/cross-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-binutils.log
 * Emerging cross-binutils ...

 * error: binutils failed :(
 * If you file a bug, please attach the following logfiles:
 * /var/log/portage/cross-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-info.log
 * /var/log/portage/cross-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-binutils.log.xz
 * /var/tmp/portage/cross-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu/binutils*/temp/binutils-config.logs.tar.xz




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I've been using crossdev for various devices on Funtoo very successfully for years now.  There are differences from gentoo, only general gentoo instructions apply.

1st, a must read is this: https://www.funtoo.org/Cross-compiling_with_Crossdev.  Then you will understand that the Funtoo gcc ebuilds do not work out of the box with crossdev at all.  I have created ebuilds that seamlessly replace the official tree gcc ebuilds and at the same time also work with crossdev, see this: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-3787 .   I recommend using these ebuilds in your local PORTDIR, removing the _rc1 part of the name, allowing them to supersede the official ebuilds.  This will cause you to have to rebuild the native gcc because I have additional use flags for arm support (in a crossdev gcc implementation) that don't exist on the official tree ebuild.  Alternately you can just leave the _rc1 in the name and just call it directly on the crossdev command line, I found it too confusing to have all those versions floating around when it works just fine as a replacement.  Your choice...

In addition to the informational links above, I must tell you that I have had no success with any crossdev version beyond 20151026-r1, due to growing portage differences between gentoo and funtoo.  Hmm, probably something from around that time here will do: https://sources.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/gentoo-x86/sys-devel/crossdev/

I would be leery about using --stable also, I prefer to specifically call out the versions I want to match exactly the device I am building for, rather than counting on crossdev to make the right decisions for me.  It didn't work well for me in the past, although I haven't tried it in a long time.

When you successfully create your shiny new toolchain there is very pertinent info here also: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Distcc/Cross-Compiling

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Ha, thanks!  This answers many of my questions. To be honest, using an overlay and custom ebuild is more involved than I wanted to go, specially knowing that  I will be stuck with an older crossdev anyway. Before going that route, I will try using a Gentoo docker image dedicated to distcc and / or usermode QEMU chroot env (https://github.com/sakaki-/gentoo-on-rpi3-64bit/wiki/Build-aarch64-Packages-on-your-PC%2C-with-User-Mode-QEMU-and-binfmt_misc ).

I will report my findings here so that if others follow the same route they can benefit from our shared experience.

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The version of crossdev is of no consequence as long as it works, it's just a shell script.

While qemu has value, it's _much too slow for general use.

The docker idea sounds good, except it might be a hassle if you are using it for distcc, I don't know, never do docker.

Setting up a local overlay is quite simple and almost surely you are going to do it sooner or later anyhow.  I believe crossdev itself requires it, I don't know what it would use for an overlay (and it does need an overlay) without it..  The "custom ebuilds" are already done so I don't see an issue there.

5 or 10 minutes to set up your local overlay, drop the gcc build you want in there, then:

crossdev <OPTIONS> --init-target 

Then change the gcc link in the crossdev overlay as shown in my 1st link.  Pretty quick and painless.


crossdev <OPTIONS>

again.  Come back in a couple of hours.

If you run this cool bash script on your $TARGET machine, it will even create the crossdev line for you:

#! /bin/bash
A="binutils" ; B=`eselect $A show` ; BINUTILS_VER=`echo $B | cut -d- -f5-` 
A=`/usr/bin/gcc-config -c` ; B=`echo $A | cut -d- -f5` ; GCC_VER=`equery l sys-devel/gcc | grep $B | cut -d- -f3-`
A="sys-kernel/linux-headers" ; B=`equery l $A` ; KERNEL_VER=`echo $B | cut -d- -f4-`
A="sys-libs/glibc" ; B=`equery l $A` ; LIBC_VER=`echo $B | cut -d- -f3-`
echo "crossdev --b =$BINUTILS_VER --g =$GCC_VER --k =$KERNEL_VER --l =$LIBC_VER -t $(portageq envvar CHOST)"

Source: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Distcc/Cross-Compiling

Here is crossdev-20151026-r1.

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