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  1. Ha, thanks! This answers many of my questions. To be honest, using an overlay and custom ebuild is more involved than I wanted to go, specially knowing that I will be stuck with an older crossdev anyway. Before going that route, I will try using a Gentoo docker image dedicated to distcc and / or usermode QEMU chroot env (https://github.com/sakaki-/gentoo-on-rpi3-64bit/wiki/Build-aarch64-Packages-on-your-PC%2C-with-User-Mode-QEMU-and-binfmt_misc ). I will report my findings here so that if others follow the same route they can benefit from our shared experience.
  2. I'm trying to setup crossdev for Aarch64 Raspberry Pi3 cross-compilation on my x64 Funtoo PC as described here. While crossdev itself emerged ok, entering sudo crossdev --stable -t aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu fails after a few seconds with a rather laconic * error: binutils failed :( I looked into filing a bug, as it seems this should be stable now, the closest entry dating back from 2015 but I wanted to check first if anybody had this working currently. I've attached the files I have, as recommended by the full command output: * crossdev version: 20180410 * H
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