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  1. Help a N00B with chroot

    A picture of the area I am using to work on Funtoo, and all of the instruction sets that are now suspect because of firefox reader view and stupid users. Someone say a prayer for the trees!
  2. Help a N00B with chroot

    Oleg forgive me it is not a fault with any instruction, I figured out this morning, it is the fact that I used reader view with firefox and printed from there and so it looked like the rc-update commands belonged in the /etc/conf.d/xdm config file. - I am learning by leaps and bounds ... Woohoo gonna get stuck in a corner again! Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but I can feel it coming :) The instruction that i followed that lead me to put # in my /etc/conf.d/xdm file is: funtoo.org/package:Xfce4-meta (it was because I printed from firefox reader view) @tefreem34 Thank you for clearing that up for me, and thank you for the further instructions.
  3. Help a N00B with chroot

    Hello all, I am rusty enough with Unix/Linux to call myself a Newbie, I know enough to get myself in trouble. So I need to chroot into my funtoo installation so I can run: rc-update del xdm default However when looking at the commands for chroot on the install instructions and I try to run: mount /mnt/funtoo/ I get no such directory. So I am thinking it is because I am booted to "rescue" and then I try to run: mount /dev/sdb3/ /mnt/funtoo/ and I also got no such directory. I ran: mount /dev/sdb3/ / and it seemed to work but when I changed to / and looked around at some of the files and directories I found that I was looking at directories and files on the "rescue" Linux. I looked back in the instructions and they say: mkdir /mnt/funtoo mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/funtoo However I do not want to create a new directory I want to mount what is already there, so I did not do that. As you can see I somewhat understand the commands and what I am doing but not really (my linux install is on sdb). I could use some help - even if it is "Hey you need to read this" - I will learn and want to learn. What got me here: Installing xfce4 after testing xwindows - the instructions say to edit /etc/conf.d/xdm and make these entries: DISPLAYMANAGER="<LightDM>" # rc-update add xdm default # rc-update add dbus default # rc Finished up with the other instructions - created power group and added root to it etc. rebooted and did not get my xfce session as expected so not knowing what I was doing, and I seem to remember from somewhere years ago that # in a config file = a comment, I ran the rc-update commands at the command prompt and rebooted now I am presented with a login screen and can get no where and cannot get a command prompt.