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New fastpull distfile service

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Hi All,

Thanks to funtoo supporters, we now have a new fast download service that is available for everyone. Upgrading to the latest portage-2.3.25_beta2 will enable this service. The fastpull service consists of a lot of different moving parts, but it adds up to distfiles downloading very fast and being available. Here's how it works.

  1. When we regenerate meta-repo and kits, ebuilds are scanned for new SRC_URI tarballs, etc.
  2. These new distfiles are queued for download.
  3. Our fastpull spider then downloads these distfiles automatically, and uploads them to Google Cloud Storage.
  4. When you try to download a SRC_URI, you hit https://fastpull-us.funtoo.org first, which redirects you to the download on fast Google Cloud Storage.

The design of fastpull is to ensure that all distfiles are always available going forward. It will also help us to identify situations where for some reason or another we are missing a distfile for download, although these situations should happen less and less frequently (and hopefully disappear) now that fastpull is deployed.


Daniel Robbins

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