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Several questions about kernel



Hello! I am trying to install gentoo-sources again, cause the problem of my Laptop Lenovo G 50-30 rests, it suddenly freezes sometimes.

I emerged and compiled gentoo-sources and it successfully booted but I am watching 3 problems:

1. Sound does not work

2. Debian sources was deleted from boot, so I have only one kernel that works not fine.

I did only that:

# cd /usr/src
# rm linux
# ln -s linux-4.15.12-gentoo linux
# genkernel --menuconfig all
''' then I loaded .config from debian-sources folder
''' and switched on some Atheros Wireless drivers,
''' switched off all other wifi drivers, wimax, switched off bluetooth
''' also switched off one single line of ipv6 support
''' switched off several lines in firmware: Dell bios
''' and saved my config to /usr/src/linux/.config

# boot-update
# reboot

Now I have only gentoo kernel compiled and placed into /boot . Where is debian-sources?

I  have no sound. What to do for sound?

Gentoo-sources config, devices, modules, dmesg:

# cat /usr/src/linux/.config | nc termbin.com 9999

# lspci | nc termbin.com 9999

# lsmod | nc termbin.com 9999

# cat dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999


PS: and more then that, genkernel says during compilation process :

>> Not installing firmware as requested by configuration FIRMWARE_INSTALL=no...

but I have installed linux-firmware:

# equery l linux-firmware
 * Searching for linux-firmware ...
[I-O] [  ] sys-kernel/linux-firmware-20180314:0

I need some actual manual about kernel compilation for local architecture and tasks. I want to remove all unnecessary stuff.

Can I unmark all lines in Device drivers ? And how to determine necessary lines for my pc looking lsmod??

Can I unmark all from Network support and what shuold I enable for connect to router via wifi atheros qualcom, using only ipv4 without ipv6?

Do you recommend localmodconfig?

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you said you edited the .conf file using --menuconfig.. but did you actually compile a kernel to that new .conf you made?... also you can't necessarily take a .conf from debian-sources and use it on an entirely different kernel. Each kernel version has it's own unique .conf file that is used to tell the compiler what to build into it when it compiles.

Also the term "firmware" does not necessarily mean "linux-firmware" package. Is it possible this line from your .conf is preventing firmware from being built?



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znavko, compiling own kernel is a task for more hours if not days and esp. if you are novice in this field.


there are tools and info on the net to help.


lshw program displays modules so does lspci


device drivers section is a delicate section there things that are needed to boot from your drive etc so disable only stuff you know for sure you don't have. or disable one at a time compile reboot with new kernel and remove so more. don't remove a lot at once.


same for network config


for kernel config i like make nconfig


there is search option so search for stuff there


if you have lock-ups of your laptop try vanilla-sources even


that will give you the option to report to kernel developers if the lock-ups remain


cheers palica

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