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Changed cpu mother and ram can not boot or chroot now


I was using a Fx8320 until it stop working i bought a ryzen 1600, but i can not boot now or chroot, i was using amd64 piledriver subarch

i get ilegal instruction when i chroot, i get the same using partedmagic usb , from my installed artix linux, and from systemrescuecd usb

to chroot i did this

mkdir /mnt/funtoo

mount /dev/sda4  /mnt/funtoo

mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/funtoo/boot

mount /dev/sda5  /mnt/funtoo/home

cd /mnt/funtoo

mount -t proc none  /mnt/funtoo/proc

mount --rbind  /dev  /mnt/funtoo/dev

mount --rbind /sys  /mnt/funtoo/sys

chroot /mnt/funtoo  /bin/bash


i always get illegal instruction, how can i chroot?

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seems to me that the two subarch are not compatible. so piledriver is not supported on ryzen. just guessing here. You will need to reinstall at least the @system part of the installation.

I would backup /home and /etc and /var/lib/portage/world and use a stage3 that supports ryzen or just a plain generic_64bit and run a emerge @world after you copy the /etc /var/lib/portage/world back.


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Thanks  a lot i installed again the root and copy back my old /etc and /var/lib/portage/world and /home, my system is working now but i can not make gentoo sources kernel to boot, im using a generic Debian kernel.

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