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xen bootable usb image

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Hello all.

I am currently, as in the last 3 months, working on building a xen usb image using funtoo.

The jest of the idea, is a how to to create it from system rescue boot disk, build a kernel with the xen support, driver domains for the network ( domnet ) and a domstore ( zfs zvol for domu).

Currently I have a usable kernel built, booting dom0, domnet, and domstore.

But I have no experience with any sort of live file systems, like tmpfs, aufs, unionfs.

The ultimate out come I would like is a kernel and initramfs with the dom0, and a separate initramfs for domnet, domstore.

I tried minios, but I want to keep it funtoo native.


Is there anyone that can point to some info, or primer on creating a usb bootable live file system running in ram.


At the end of the day, I will compile the whole thing to use hardened musl, but there is a lot of blocking going on with musl, and I have limited experience with fixing blocks, other than blocking the protection during a crossdev build. Have destroyed 5 installs learning that. The goal is a metro built stage3 musl tarball, and a hardened and non hardened musl profile. It is a work in progress.


thanks all

And to the heads of funtoo, keep up the amazing work. Damn fine job. You guys rock.

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