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What's the normal way to take advantage of kits-fixups?



Hi All,

I'm still coming up to speed on kits and wanted to put together some notes on how it all pieces together (and where there are current references to them).

One thing I don't yet understand is how the kit-fixups work.  I think I understand the concept, mentioned here by Oleg:

But how do fixes flow from fix-ups to on github to my PC?  

What started my investigation is a bug in an ebuild (libbluray) fixed by Oleg and then me trying to work out how to get it into my system so I can continue my world update.  I can see the changes Oleg made in kit-fixups to media-kit 1.1-prime and that is enabled in my system.  I feel that I'm either missing something on my PC that pulls in fixups (but ego kits list doesn't show fixups as an option).  Maybe I just need to add it to my repos.conf?  I haven't done so yet n case it breaks things.  I've done an ego-sync and ego query origin on related items, but fixups isn't appearing.

Or is this a matter for the the tree transport / build / scripts to load in periodically in the main branches?





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Daniel manages this by merging kit-fixups into the meta-repo using his scripts.

Commits made in the kit-fixups are merged in stage 3 of the merge-all-kits.py script.

If your media-kit is on 1.1- prime and synced then your /var/git/meta-repo/kits/media-kit/media-libs/libbluray should look like this:


If you have update errors push the error messages/failed build logs to a pastebin service with wgetpaste and post the links with a full bug report to bugs.funtoo.org



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