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  1. Hi All, I'm still coming up to speed on kits and wanted to put together some notes on how it all pieces together (and where there are current references to them). One thing I don't yet understand is how the kit-fixups work. I think I understand the concept, mentioned here by Oleg: But how do fixes flow from fix-ups to on github to my PC? What started my investigation is a bug in an ebuild (libbluray) fixed by Oleg and then me trying to work out how to get it into my system so I can continue my world update. I can see the changes Oleg made in kit-fixups to media-kit 1.1
  2. Hi Daniel, Thanks for the response. I'm happy to be "monkeymonkey" in both places (sorry for the late reply). Gary
  3. Hi, I can access the forums okay, but I can't log into the bug tracker. Is it meant to be the same account? If it is meant to be the same account, I believe I made an error with my user name when I signed up to the forums (it has a space in it) which works for the forums but maybe not the bug tracker. Thanks for your help. Gary
  4. Hi Oleg, It works ok. I did try the latest hwids (version 9999999 in portage) and that din't work. 2.2 works well though. Thanks for your help. I'll upload what I have to the bug tracker once I sort out some issue with my account.
  5. No, I'm using OpenRC. I've just been running iio-sensor-proxy manually as root for testing. It works fine without systemd. Thanks very much for your efforts.
  6. I've tested the 2.3. After going in circles a few times and then finally seeing what the ubuntu folks are doing, I worked out that 2.3 isn't working for the Dell XPS 9365 laptop (can't detect orientation of sensor). However, 2.2 works and I tested by creating a local copy of your e-build with patch for version 2.2 and it is working well. The iio-sensor-proxy is currently a systemd service (I think it is loaded dynamically by udev under systemd). I'm quite new at this, but am happy to work out what the equivalent is under OpenRC or make an OpenRC init script for the service to run o
  7. Thanks Oleg, I found the bug you created (https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-4265) and have added flora to my system for testing the ebuilds. In summary of where I'm at: udev is now loading the iio-sensor-proxy data into the udev database (I can see IIO_SENSOR_PROXY_TYPE= entries when I export the database) I can run the iio-sensor-proxy service The client tool "monitor-sensor" is now seeing iio-sensor-proxy connect. I'm getting some errors with the iio-sensor-proxy service, it's having problems with sensor measurements which I will continue to investigate.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I downloaded the source code, modified the configure file to ignore systemd checks, compiled and it compiled successfully. I think the only systemd dependencies are really UDEV / HAL or something like that (I'm no expert). However running does nothing but exit with 0, but that's probably because I'm not running it properly. I'll upload the ebuild in a new bug and see what I can do. Thanks.
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