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new kits, master branch [SOLVED]




I want to confirm that for some kits, they're no longer being actively synced with gentoo.  For example, core-kit, apparently is not:


The problem is that for example the version I'm trying to download doesn't exist in the gentoo package listing and is not available on mirrors.





Lastly, on a related note, what is the process for marking packages as stable.  Ie, is there automated testing, then someone simply updates the branch?  If so, I'd like to understand the process so I could also automate testing of the builds that I generate so I can ensure when I update my system, it will reliably run.

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The package versions you listed in the first post are available in core-kit/1.0-prime

rj@funtoo ~ $ ego query v bind-tools
 net-dns/bind-tools| slot|               repo
          9.10.4_p4|    0| core-kit/1.0-prime
          9.11.0_p2|     | core-kit/1.0-prime
          9.11.0_p3|     | core-kit/1.0-prime
rj@funtoo ~ $ ego query v file
 sys-apps/file| slot|               repo
          5.25|    0| core-kit/1.0-prime
          5.29|     | core-kit/1.0-prime
        * 5.30|     | core-kit/1.0-prime
          9999|     | core-kit/1.0-prime

I  stay with the majority of users and leave all active branch on default. 

rj@funtoo ~ $ ego kit list
/var/git/meta-repo (updated 2 days 2 hours 59 minutes ago):

  kit                  is active?      branch          stability 
  core-kit             active          1.0-prime       prime          
                                       1.1-prime       dev            
  core-hw-kit          active          master          prime          
  security-kit         active          1.0-prime       prime          
                                       1.1-prime       dev            
  xorg-kit                             1.17-prime      prime          
                       active          1.19-prime      prime          
  gnome-kit            active          3.20-prime      prime          
  kde-kit              active          5.10-prime      prime          
  media-kit            active          1.0-prime       prime          
                                       1.1-prime       prime          
  perl-kit             active          5.24-prime      prime          
                                       5.26-prime      prime          
  python-kit           active          3.4-prime       prime          
                                       3.6-prime       prime          
                                       3.6.3-prime     prime          
  php-kit              active          master          prime          
  java-kit             active          1.1-prime       prime          
  ruby-kit             active          1.1-prime       prime          
  haskell-kit          active          1.1-prime       prime          
  ml-lang-kit          active          1.1-prime       prime          
  lisp-scheme-kit      active          1.1-prime       prime          
  lang-kit             active          1.1-prime       prime          
  dev-kit              active          1.1-prime       prime          
  xfce-kit             active          4.12-prime      prime          
  desktop-kit          active          1.1-prime       prime          
  editors-kit          active          master          prime          
  net-kit              active          master          prime          
  text-kit             active          master          prime          
  science-kit          active          master          prime          
  games-kit            active          master          prime          
  nokit                active          master          prime          

  NOTE: This information comes from /etc/ego.conf and meta-repo metadata. After making changes to
  ego.conf, be sure to run ego sync in so that the individual kit repositories on disk are synchronized with the kit branches shown above.






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