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keymap in terminal under Xorg (gnome)




Not new in Funtoo but I forgot how to have my FR keymap in the terminal under Xorg (gnome).

I'm in a fresh install with a new laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 13'').

(OutOfTopic : The touchscreen, and the tablet-mode are OK out of the box with Gnome)

The goal is to use "FR/Azerty" keymap

Modified files but not give satisfaction






In the terminal, when reboot in text mode (rc-update del xdm), the keymap FR is OK

When activating graphic mode in boot (rc-update add xdm default), login screen (lightdm) is in FR, and applications in graphic are in FR (eg. firefox, gedit).

But when I open a terminal (gnome-terminal), keymap is in US/UK (qwerty), when I do setxkbmap fr, it's OK.

The question is, how to make it permanent?






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talk about Azerty keymap...

only thing I could find for Xorg is gentoo fourms this:

To change the keymap on your console you should change the keymap var in your /etc/conf.d/keymaps:


To change it in X, you can add the setting in your xorg.conf in the keyboard section:


Section "InputClass"
        Identifier             "keyboard-layout"
        MatchIsKeyboard        "on"
        Option "XkbLayout"     "fr"


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