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ego-2.2.0 released

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Hi All,

ego-2.2.0 has been released, and is an important update, and will be appearing in meta-repo soon.

New functionality has been added to help you view kit configuration. To view your current kit settings, type:

# ego kit status

This will display your current kit settings, as well as their stability level. The stability level is set by Funtoo and lets you know if you are running something we consider 'stable' or not. We recommend that all our users use kits that have a 'prime' stability level. Note that this is different than the kit having 'prime' in its name! When I create a kit, I may call it 1.1-prime if the goal is to make it production-quality, but the moment it is created, it is still considered 'dev' (developers only) status. Type "man ego-kit" for more information on this.

It is now also possible to view a similar listing, but one that displays ALL available kits and their stability levels, by typing:

# ego kit list

This new release of ego also includes a host of other improvements, such as improvements to the "ego doc" MediaWiki parser.

Enjoy, Daniel

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